Carl Heine, Ph.D.

Information Fluency

Information FluencyThe 21st Century Information Fluency Project at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy provides training and resources to enhance skills in finding, evaluating and using digital information to students and educators around the world.

I have been associated with this Project since 2004 and serve as its director. In 2008, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy ceded its interest in the project (the funding ended) to Dennis O'Connor and me. I am primarily involved in designing curriculum and games that are based on research and developing courses, workshops, webinars and online materials that result in more efficient searching, effective evaluation and ethical use. These resources are featured in the Full Circle Resource Kit. Dennis works more with online course delivery and maintaining our social media presence through our Facebook and sites.

As of Feb. 2012, over 3,500 educators subscribe to our newsletter.

I offer the following face-to-face and online workshops:

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